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Optimisation de la Logistique d’Intervention suite aux Catastrophes de grande échelle (OLIC)

Optimizing Logistics for large scale disasters



Results for Katmandou, Nepal, 2015: 

The Kathmandu (Nepal) maps presented below correspond to a part of the results for locationg humanitarian aid (eg. locate medical tents), by using several criteria such as population density, population remoteness and hospital saturation. Location problems are one of the topics focused on the OLIC project to provide humanitarian help in the context of major disasters.





Initial situation concerning the hospitals


Responsible and contact:

Andréa Cynthia Santos (Duhamel) - andrea.duhamel @ utt.fr


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Other cooperations:

Information extracted from the data base of the Kal-Haïti project, financed by the ANR, is used to calibrate mathematical models and algorithms that are being developed in the OLIC project.





Port au Prince 2010 – Source Map SERTIT