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Réaménagement d’Infrastructures de Transport Urbain

TOAST – Tactical optimization strategies to adapt urban transportation networks

TOAST is an incentive project dedicated to analysing and improving a transport urban network by means of optimization. Thus new configurations of the network can provide an alternative ground to reduce traffic jams. We investigate tactical optimization problems of setting direction in urban networks to minimize travel distance, as well as global congestion. Using the very same approach, we also provide solutions which acting as deterrent policy, for instance in tourist areas.

  • A video in French to present the project TOAST is available here
  • TOAST project is referred on the Transport Research Innovation Portal (TRIP) portal funded by the European Commission's Directorate General for Mobility and Transport








Andréa Cynthia Santos (ICD-LOSI, UTT) -  Responsible

Christian Prins  (ICD-LOSI, UTT)

Christophe Duhamel (LIMOS, UBP)


Project phases:



The first  phase of the TOAST project was supported by the DRRT (Délégation Régionale à la Recherche et à la Technologie)  that provided an initial financial support in 2013.

Others than the researches mentioned above, some students and computer  science engineering have contributed in the first phase of the TOAST project.  They mainly contributed to build interfaces, to integrate systems and to  perform some mathematical analyses.

1.    Ren Libo (PhD in Computer Science from the  UBP)

2.    Marcel Olivier Omgba (Student from the  Industrial System , SI-UTT)

3.    Dorien Marié (Student from Computer Science,  ISI-UTT)

4.    Ana Paula Nogueira Lima (Student from  Computer Science, ISIMA-UBP)

5.    Rui Sa Shibasaki (Student from Computer Science,  ISIMA-UBP)



The project TOAST enters a second phase, where a support  decision-making system is in development for several applications. The Troyes City in France provides a financial support for a master student in this phase.

1.    Ren Libo (PhD in Computer Science from the  UBP)

2.    Yipeng Huang  (Master student in computer science (ISI-MPL) and optimization (OSS-UTT))



Andréa  Cynthia Santos (Duhamel)